How Black Face “Made” Tu Face

He he he **sips agbalumo juice**
Wonders shall never relent in occurence. While innocently scouring the internet, I came across this tidbit, and I just felt like sharing it.

Did you know Uncle BlackFace is dropping a new album (insert appropriate “I don’t know and I don’t give a fuck” face here)? Apparently he is oh. The title sef na Defender, and our bros the track badt die. Well, that’s what he said about every single song he sang since the golden goose (scratch that; replace with word “Tu Face) comot from cage.

Well, some reporter (God bless his/her nipples!) Caught hold of the dude (I don’t expect it to have been too difficult) and asked leading questions about his career. I will now proceed to give u my very own understanding of the interview.

First, Soot Face began by lamenting that his landlord in Festac hates him, and kicked him out of the house. Did you know that CoalFace sang a song where he said he has a private jet? (P-Square and Ayo Oritsejafor mutually vomit). Hehehehe. He got kicked out of the house because he refused to pay rent (though, to be fair, the Black Boy said his landlord wasn’t putting “important facilities in place”)

He said after leaving the house, he hit the streets, yet his talent didn’t die but “waxed stronger”. Hm. I won’t even say anything about this.

He began to talk about the only meaningful thing he did in his life, being with the Plantashun Boiz (hey, my opinion!). I nearly wept for the nigger.

He said he made Tony Tetuila, he made Tu Face and Black Face (I’m sure there wasn’t enough time on the recording tape, or he’d have revealed how he made Rihanna, too). BROS Y U NO Make yourself?

He said he named Tu Face Tu Face (confusing? I hope you get it). Apparently, he’s a naming ceremony organizer as well! He named Faze too, just in case you wondered.

Carbon Soot (sounded like Kabo Snoop in my mind, hehe) also said Tu Face did not send him when he was undergoing crisis, and that even though they’re from the same tribe, he prefers to talk to Faze about his music career, because Faze knows about music and rhythm, unlike Tuface.

**rubs tired eyes** I mean, seriously? Tu Face doesn’t know shit about music? Dayummm! Idibia must introduce me to his dibia.


5 thoughts on “How Black Face “Made” Tu Face

  1. Blackface..or rada Soot face..or darkness face(dont knw wich of d names suit him better) doesn’t know wat he is saying abeg..Tuface is 10000000000000(pls add more zeroes for me) better dan him.


  2. @Phina, ……>>>>”000000000000000000(xinfinity)”, here are the zeroes u asked for. 🙂

    @Forever Philip, nice monicker there amigo. Why “forever” Philip, though? Your wife thinking of forcing her maiden name on you? If so, brother, stand up and fight (I’m a couple of streets behind you)


  3. I understand you intended this as satire but to be honest, it was done in poor taste. Black Face was the root of plantashun boiz. He was quite a lyricist. Just listen to African Queen. True, he lacks the vocal talent of Tuface and the luck Tuface had too but that doesn’t mean you should flay him. In other climes, Blackface could have made a good living as a song writer instead of being a mediocre singer.

    By the way, your blog is shaping up well.


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