Abeg, with great power comes great responsibility.

What, you say? Ashewo no be work? Ashi need role models, too, and someone has stepped forward as a breastly (sorry, mother) figure for them.

Yep, Twitter’s a bitch, and that’s where you’d find the loosest mouths (or fingers). Anyway, that’s why it is fun for me. And you too. Screw ur butt if you’re using Facebook.

As I was saying, our “asset and breastet”, Cossy Orjiakor, retweeted a tweet which was sweet to meet in the sheet (forget what I just said), and the gist is that Cossy Baby is the Ultimate Ashewo that other ashewos are looking up to.


I know some people are already hating, but as an “ontripanor” (as one person recently gbagauned on twitter), I’m already thinking of the business angle of this, mehn!

I can see it, now: an ice-cold glass of beer, frothing at the tip, with a strangely familar (and decidedly “buxomed”) woman lapping it up erotically.

The caption is to die for: GULDER: Ultimate Beer For the Ultimate Ashewo (Drink responsibly. Or irresponsibly gaan. We don’t give a fuck)


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