Roasted! (Caution: Extremely Graphic Picture)

by Vunderkind

This ALUU remix happened to a young man who stole a bike in Nassarawa and met his “hot” end. He was caught and burnt, bike and all! Jesus!

It makes us wonder the workings of this “Nigerian Vigilante” law. I’m tempted to ask when a thief is “eligible” for frying in the streets. But I think I’ve figured it out now, from the Aluu assault, the Mushin man-slaughter and now this Nassarawa nightmare.

Here’s the “jungle justice” law in Nigeria: steal mundane items and get flayed alive. Apparently, you’re a worthless, unsuccessful thief who deserves to die horribly. If, using not-so-intellectual judo, you can “disappear” millions of Naira (I think it’s moved to billions recently) on public TV, you deserve a presidential seat and the love of the people. Brilliant rationale, this street law.

In other news, the Nigerian police is sobbing in a corner, begging you and I (the Burna Boiz) to desist from taking the “law” into our “hands”.

Ah, heck. Maybe it’s time we returned the matched and petrol, huh?

**Quick Gist: I originally planned to name this post: Nigeria’s Own Ghost Rider Emerges**