by Vunderkind

So, erm. Yours truly is a pathetic movie watcher (let’s just agree that I am a very busy man, alright) and I watch movies ten years after they are produced (best case scenario). I have been meaning to see that Titanic Movie. The original one. I’ll get round to it soon. I’ve gotta find out just who Jack and Rose really are (apart from the fact that it sounds like code for having an erection after masturbating…”jack and rose” hehe).

Aaaaanyway. I digress. I read my good friend, MoviePencil’s blog today, and saw a review for a movie I have actually watched. Yay (the fact that I watched it several months after its release is not important, honestly). ‘Course, in my elation, I left a comment, and I have to say, the movie review he did was socks-knocking-off awesome. I think I like the review better than the movie (snigger).

I had to reblog it. I love you all that much. Really.