On Nairaland and the million-member mark

First, lemme start by apologizing. It’s been quite a while since I last made a post here, and while some of you might have thought I died (you wish), the truth is that most of you just found better ways to entertain yourselves online. I’m hurt. I mean, I had a dream to be your one stop shop for everything entertaining. You have ruined a young kid’s ambition.

Ahem, amidst the eye-cleaning and nose-sniffing, did you notice my headline? Yeah, nairaland has reached (and passed) its million-member mark. Yep. A million people from Nigeria are on that site. Bingo.

What does it mean, you ask? I’ll try to reduce my sarcasm as I explain the implication of Nairaland’s early-in-the-new-year feat.

1. By having a million members, of which a sizeable percentage of that is always in constant interaction online, Seun Osewa has literally become the proud owner of the most visited website in Nigeria. Of course, I knew this already, due to Nairaland’s Alexa rank, but the million-member rank thingy kinda gives concrete evidence.

2. Online Marketers will need to seriously include Nairaland in their marketing strategies from 2013, because Nairaland has bec0me something of an inevitable and unavoidable soapbox.

3. As a result of point number 2 mentioned above, Seun Osewa is/has been the highest-earning website owner in Nigeria, and will continue to earn more, barring an (unlikely) interesting turn of events.

4. People who spend time online at the “newspaper stands” (what I like to call the “Politics Section” on Nairaland) will at one point in their lives need to sit down and ask themselves these three questions in this exact order: 1. Who am I kidding with my ignorant political ideas? 2. Am I getting any younger? 3. Am I proud of myself, now that I am merely a statistic on Seun’s rise to fame?

5. Nigeria is coming into its dotcom era. People are rushing to own and monetize websites. This is an interesting turn of events. A lot of websites are destined to turn up in Nigeria. Most will be rubbish. A lot will crash. Only a few will remain after the  dotcom days.

Like M.I. said in the X.O Bit with Senavoe, “Grab a seat, better y’all”.

**PS: If you want to challenge my views, go ahead. I dare you.


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