My Past Has Caught Up with Me!

I love sensational titles. It keeps people clicking. Oops. I just revealed my secret. Please, now that you know, can you continue clicking on my blog post? I swear, I don’t derive orgasmic pleasure from your clicks. Honestly.


Well, in a way, my past did catch up with me today. I was rifling through ancient manuscripts of mine (fancy way to say I was checking through my books from 100 level), and I exhumed (fancy word for ‘found’) some cryptic text (fancy word for ‘nonsensical scrawls’) I wrote while I was but a gangling youngster (I am still gangling, but not a youngster anymore **sigh**)

Yes, my past finally caught up with me. I found a story series I was “working on” (fancy word for “writing in class when the lecturer’s boredom threatened to put me to bed”), and just thought to share it with you all.

It has no title, so I would be open to titular suggestions here. It is a sci-fi story (ish), but it is really a fantasy from way back when my mind couldn’t really see how stiff and inhibited the world was. I admire my younger self, in that I wrote with an ease I grapple with these days. My mind used to be free, unburdened. I envy young Justin.

Wherever did he go?

It was hand-written manuscript (oh the inconvenience. Why didn’t I just type it as a youngster? Sheesh, now I’m stressing myself out), so I am going to be typing it out and uploading it here. I trust you will comment and let me know how much I sucked (although I hope you will be lenient; it was but five years ago!)

The story isn’t finished. When I am done transcribing (hehe), I would like you to please say something.

Like whooo.

Or boooo.

(Please. Be merciful)


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