Hello, muchachos and whatsits.

Happy Valentine’s day. I noticed that none of you sent in a valentine gift. Or even made me your dps. It’s all good sha. Just know this: I know where you live.
It’s not a threat.
So, I got talking with this awesome lady yesterday, and I was privileged to know she was gonna put up a post for the valentine. She gave me the scoop, and I spent the whole night imagining the possibilities and permuting the outcomes. Needless to say, I couldn’t guess the shape the story took. She totally reconstructed the solar system and put her nifty little planet in it. Oh, and yeah, I am selling space shuttle tickets to visit little planet THRAE.

To those of you who have no intention of reading this (after my shameless and frantic advertising), here’s a spoiler: there’s men with vaginas and women with penises in the story. That got your attention, huh? Now click and read. Sheesh.

Do I have to do everything around here?

Mental Images

Good day.

So I haven’t written anything for a while, its laziness. There’s actually a special definition and equation for my type of laziness, but that’s not why we’re here.

We are here because everyone is writing valentine-y things and I want to feel among. Simpu!

So the other day, I saw a guy ‘toasting’ a girl and I thought to myself; what if it were the other way round? What if in an alternate universe, the normal order of things was that the ladies should woo the guys? Hence this post.

Enjoy. I hope.

Its two days to valentine and I’m starting to panic. I have no idea what to give to my man. She just called me to say she has bought my gift and I’m starting to worry that I might give her the wrong gift. Its been a while since I actually gave her anything…

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