OtondoBook: The Secret of Happiness as Revealed By an Ex-Corper!!!

by Vunderkind

Forget Plato. What does Aristotle know? J.P. Sartre or whatever that other dude, John Locke calls himself could never figure this out.

One philosopher said something about the ex qua constituus materii mundi (I may have warped the spelling, it’s supposed to mean “what is the basic substance the earth is made of?)

In a quest to find happiness, one philosopher (you know the one) died from Hemlock poisoning. No one as yet knows the secret of universal happiness.

No one, that is, apart from one genius otondoh who used the camp’s residential area before me.

He’s like an ancestor.

He discovered the secret and preserved it in stone. Literally. He wrote the short, simple and profound keys of happiness and added an illustration, just so no one misinterprets it.

Brethren, I am humbled. I bring to you –

The secret of happiness.