Basic Tenet of the Bro Code

Who has watched Greek? Yeah, Greek. The series about those dudes in college. My favorite house is (obviously) Kappa Tau. I mean, those niggahs booze, play video games, play awesome practical jokes all semester and fail their courses gallantly.

What we all dream of, eh?

I am not writing to talk about the movie. Rather, I’m here to talk about the awesome Cappie, head honcos of Kappa Tau. He’s handsome, irresponsible and totally irresistible to the prudish (pardon my french) Casey.

There was an episode when he began dating a capital B.I.A.T.C.H. and introduced her to the house of Kappa Tau.

She was, apparently, supposed to train them to win some prize or something dumb like that. Anyway, she was mean and annoying to all the housemates, and no one ever said a word about it to Cappie.

Get it? Nobody said “hey Cappie, I think your girl is a bitch.”

So Cappie kept dating her, thinking she was bestest buddies with his buds, and his friends suffered in silence.

And Rusty (if you follow the series, you’ll know he’s Casey’s lil brother) grumbles to his fellow guys, and they say something like this:

“You don’t snitch on a brother’s girl to the brother. It’s the bro code, bro.”

Meaning: I’m your friend, but if you date a lactating Mongoose, I won’t say nothing.

Or in nerd-speak: I value your relationship, Alex. I don’t want to interfere.

So the next time your friend’s girlfriend gives you the eye, remember NOT to run reporting her to your friend. Rumors you hear about her are RUMORS until your friend finds out.

Don’t be a catalyst of catastrophe.



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