The Big Man (Introduction)

Justin’s Note: What you are about to read is a story I did last year (December, to be precise). I rediscovered it again on Facebook and decided to transplant it to my blog. I hope you find it interesting.

If you can, leave a comment. I will respond to all comments (and might secretly fall in love with you as a result). All comments will be appreciated.

Thanks….the story begins.


The first thing I noticed was my penis.

I mean, how could I not notice it? It would have made any elephant blushingly conceal its trunk. It had torn through my pyjamas sometime in the night, and now it lay along the bed, throbbing gently, like a silent, brooding monster. This thing was at least 14 inches long.

Okay, no need to panic, I reassured myself. Thankfully, it wasn’t erect. God knows if I had enough blood in me to ‘power’ that thing.

I decided to sit still, and brood. Of course I already knew why I had this grotesque member attached to me. The question was, how the hell did she do it?

I picked up my phone and dialled my wife. Her slurred voice at the other end told me I had just woken her.
“Hi, sweetheart,” I whispered.
“Hey,” she yawned. “How did the conference go?”
“It went great,” I regarded the pink bulbous organ once again, balefully. “Okay, good. SO when are you coming home.”
I sighed mentally. This woman had no idea. “Soon, sweetheart,” and then I hung up.

Time to take life by the balls – literally.

First, I had to find the fucking prostitute.




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