….And I win the #Creatweet Prize!

In less than three months of erratic blogging, yours truly has been able to bag two prizes! Yippee. Who says writing is a thankless job, eh?

Admittedly, the Liebster’s Blog Awards didn’t come with a plaque or anything, but still…there’s a special place for it in my heart. Hey, it was my very first bloggers’ award.

Gentlemen, pull your chairs closely, and lend me your ears. Today, the Vunderkind didst bag a new honor. Yes, I won something!



A Prize!


Wait – what was the prize, you ask? I’m sorry. I guess I’m supposed to explain it to y’all.

See, it’s this nifty brainchild of Seun Odukoya and his mysterious team of judges. It’s called the #Creatweet Contest where we were forced, sorry, required (hehe) to come up with a full story from beginning to end – in less than 130 words! Sigh.

Yes. What cruelty, eh? LOL!

I mean. Even Dan Brown -who, I hear, spends a lot of time shortening his prologues – hasn’t been able to achieve this.

But you know what? Seun and his judges inspired us, mehn, and we pulled it off! Yup. Some amazing tweeps wrote full stories in 130 words!

Phew! Imagine. The whole of John Grisham in a single tweet. Reading just got a lot easier.

Amazing tweeps we’ve got out there. I put in my entries as well, and WHAZAM. Your boy was shortlisted as one of the top three writers.

I sob tears of joy.

You can read the awards page here: http://t.co/fJZWDVsHvv just so you know I ain’t lying (I may very well be).

Thanks, friends and readers. Thanks Seun Odukoya.

Arigato, Sensei!

(C) Maestro Vunderkind


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