I Jus’ Dey Look You (A Razz Poem)

This Ogi of a life

This life na plate of remaining ogi
I just dey look you dey laff
I don dey trek like from here to Kogi
And I never even baff

Na side-eye wey I just dey use look everybody
People wey dey ride me for here dey flex
This one na preposterous ignominy
LOL, and I never even begin dey vex

My oga at the top (and I mean am literally)
You just dey ride your boy carelessly
Jump my back, come down, dey slap me for nyash
Dey use me dey hammer; shebi anything for the cash?

Paparazzi jus’ dey use me dey shine
Babes dey use me chop their guy money
Jump on top my back, shine teeth, take twenty shots, no time
Bobo dey cry inside, but he still dey smile like say something funny

Na crime say Baba God make me Docile?
Or say I get four legs?
These guys dey look me like imbecile
Oh, stop it, you’re just pulling my legs

I dey stand for beach
This life na bitch
I for say make I shout for person head
But I no wan end up dead
Of course –
I’m only a horse.

Hian again.

@oVunderkind. Inspired by a day at the beach, staring at horses.


15 thoughts on “I Jus’ Dey Look You (A Razz Poem)

  1. LOL. Quite funny. Liked the way i didn’t realize until towards the end that it is an animal blowing such grammar. Preposterous Ignominy. LOL.


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