Spotlight: Creatweet Winners III!

Seun, my friend, is a good man *sobs*

Seun Odukoya

From Monday, we’ve been bringing you the winners of the Creatweet Contest.


Now today, the last man (by no means least) standing, Justin Irabor!
We like to call him WunderKid!


Read below to find out why:

  • Real Name(s): Irabor Justin Ikhide.


  • What did you feel when you actually got the airtime you were promised?


  •  The first thing I thought was: whoop-whoop! Free modem subscription! Second was: damn, Seun Odukoya actually came through. ‘Twas a glorious moment, is what I’m trying to say.


  • I’d like you to share the most dry joke you’ve ever heard.


  • “In the Yoruba Language, there are two types of Chris’es depending on their relative distance from you: the Christopher and the Christonear.” What’s even sad is that I wrote the joke myself.


  • What do you think of video games?


  • I think they’re awesome! If I didn’t have…

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