Quasimodo existence,
You live in past tense in defence of your weakness,
While you slouch bleary-eyed, there are children teary-eyed
Asking themselves why daddy lied

Daddy lied

The great divide

There is a poltergeist amongst us
Tossing not objects, but flesh: us
They ridicule us, but then again we’re ridiculous
On the outside, I laugh at us

The rich, they get richer
We just try to dig faster than the swine
As we regale in Quasimodo’s past glories of venison and wine

Grape and Vine
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
But for once I hope there’s a wind heavy
Enough to blow this apple far from this tree

You read God’s word hollow
For He did say, good fellow
You are an Infidel
You who cannot shut out the excruciating decibel
Of hunger pangs – but watch the little ones grovel
And wither
While you slither
And dessicate
While you meditate
I see hope seep out of the windows
Those peepholes to their souls

You are misshapen
You could have been beautiful
You once were
But this I remember only vaguely
All I see
Is tin foil
Shiny on the outside
Empty on the inside
Easily crumpled
And left on the sands of some unknown beach

– Vunderkind

SIDE NOTE: For those of you who noticed my depressed spell this week, well this is the outcome. Quasimodo is real to me. If you can, read between the lines.

I appreciate your concern. Really, I do. I’m not usually this mushy, but…yeah.



9 thoughts on “Quasimodo

    1. Thanks, Liz. LOL. I have a female fan base? Why has no one notified me about this?

      Thanks again. For what it’s worth, I love you too, and I don’t even worry about your male fan base.


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