Justin and I

Behind Pretty Smiles

“My daughter, tell me what happened, why there is fire in your household. Your husband here is not happy with you.”

“Ehn I know, mama. Oya listen. It was two weeks ago…”

*Nollywood flashback*


Jesus in Heaven! Like play like play, this man actually slapped me o! Osanobua! I know I nag him a lot, but if I don’t, who will? And so, like the drama queen I am, I grabbed his shirt around the collar and started crying. I grabbed him there for two reasons; I didn’t want him to just walk off, and I was trying to choke him.

“Useless man! Useless man!! Foolish person!!! You will kill me o! Somebody help me! My husband will kill me o!!” I screamed as I was trying to choke my husband for slapping me.

He kept trying to pry my fingers open, but emi ke? Open my fingers?…

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