Music Review: 4-Horsemen (Konnect, Khalil, Loose and MI)

(Konnect. Khalil. Loose. MI)

The four horsemen, three of them rapping to the sound of hoofbeats hooked up by the fourth.

—– Vunderkind

If you know me well, you’ll know that yours truly is a die-hard MI Abaga fan. I have had a few highlights in my famzing career, too.

Like that one time I tweeted: A man has two choices in life – 1. Be tall enough to help women get stuff from the top cupboards and 2. Be clever with words. Guess what @MI_Abaga chose.

MI Abaga’s reply had been: ya madt!

And my joy was complete. I am hopeless, I know. Well, whatever. MI is following me on Twitter!

Erm. I actually invited you here to read my review. Believe me, even though I am inclined towards that tall Abaga, I will be objective in this review.

The Beat

To steal a punch-line and phrase it: this beat is so accapella – nobody can beat it. I mean…how original. It is the sound of hoofbeats, all blended with some sort of orchestra, giving you the thrilling ‘apocalyptic’ effect. I say Kudos to KidKonnect. More stuff like this, and you may actually get me to famz you earnestly.

The rappers

There are four ‘horsemen’, of course. One did the beat – KidKonnect. The other three rapped. Ladies and gentlemen, in the order in which they took turns in raping the beat, make welcome –

MI Abaga

“It’s the sign of the end of the days, and I’m still gonna put my pen on a page” – opening  line, and true to his name, he kept the tempo up until he dropped off for the next horseman. With his characteristic lilt and enunciation, MI made good opening flows. Even though I think he should have been the one to end the track – I like it when he does – he did awesome in the beginning.

“My flow is so disgusting, they throw it up like a gang sign. Meanwhile I break them down like an enzyme. We do the impossible, walking on water – “ download the complete track to get the rest.

Loose Kaynon

This is one rapper I have been keeping my eyes on, and frankly, I must say he disappointed me. I wouldn’t be so pissed, but this is not the first time he has done it – disappoint  me, that is. Have you listened to MI’s Adaptation of “LOST”? featuring Loose Kaynon? He ruined it for me too. I have beef for this niggah. Here is his opening line:

“I’m focused mehn, y’all give it for a G/I’m about to make them look stupid for ignoring me/You say you’re hustling, I hear you niggahs touring free/”

It is not so much what he says but how he says it. True rap fans know that your expression goes beyond your lyrics. That is why Lil Wayne is a great rapper **dodges stone** and Kanye too **dodges battle ax**

”Am I wrong for being a fan of myself? I’m just trying to get your girl to keep her hands off my belt.”

“You ain’t making money until you need accountants on your team.”

Those are two of my “thumbs up” lines from Loose Kaynon’s corner. Much love ^_^

Khalil Abdu

Mahn, I LOVE this dude!

Ahem. My bias is beginning to show, eh? Sorry.

If MI was the heavyweight boxer throwing taunts to his opponent in the ring, Khalil Abdul was the mob boss slouched in his chair, drawling orders for executing his gun-smuggling rivals.

“Four horsemen. This is what war is.” Opening line. Didn’t even go in hard, but when he was rounding up ­– we’re going up, you are on your way down, niggah – you would know better than to mess with Khalil.

The niggahs write so much that his pen lacks purpose (oh Lord)/And I don’t even write no more, all my thoughts is in cursive/You ever see a niggah like this before? / He doesn’t swear much but what he speaks is raw/He’s underground but his speech is Forbes…”


The three men packed it heavy. I should say they all did justice to the beat. The hoofbeats were not recorded in vain.


These niggahs wrote their verses in the studio, few minutes before they went in and delivered their punchlines. They didn’t even have a day’s worth or rehearsal. I like to call that a semi-freestyle. From the quality of their lines and carriage, you would never know. I think it is worth applauding.

**Insert Milo Clap** (>_>) E don do.

Wanna download it? {{{{{Check here}}}}


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