Introducing: The Big Blog Theory (30-Day Blog Challenge)

**Background Music: Lil Wayne saying, ‘We are not the same, I am a Martian…”**

Lil Weezy Alien
Lil Wayne: As If I wasn’t Ugly Enough…

As I type this, I’m half-asleep, so if you detect me slurring my typography, y’all know what to blame. I have just finished listening to MI Abaga’s Four Horsemen for the umpteenth time, and if you haven’t heard it yet, read my review here and check out the link for download here.

And so it came to pass, in the early part of the year, when young maidens delete their 2go boyfriends so they can focus on their JAMB, that a word didst come to mine ears. The voice which spoke it was raspy, and it did make my skin crawl.

The voice, it said: go, child, and give yourself the ultimate 30-day challenge.

I rebuked the devil, of course, and proceeded to sleep within a pentagram for days, but the instant I stepped out to go have a shit, the voice returned, insistent as ever: Go. Get. A. Challenge!

The voice, it kidded not, for it had already found a title for the challenge: The Big Blog Theory! I didn’t even have to think that one through. I am a fan of that gay science niggah, Sheldon Cooper.

That’s some serious akara for thought right there…

Shoot me.

Okay, so, this is basically an introductory post to the Big Blog Theory, and I am about to make my grand speech!

Greetings, Earthlings! **I’ve always wanted to use that opening line, and this theme fits it perfectly**

In the new month of June, this blog A.g(r)eek would be thrilling you with a new writer everyday for 30 days! Now, how cool is that?

On the cover poster, we promised you the weirdest, creepiest, hilariousest, depravedest, masochisticest, saddest, sexually disorientedest, behaviorally compromisedest writers in Nigeria (._.) It took a while, but we found them all! Now warden, show them their rooms!

is he referring to me
Writers: Is He Referring to Us?


The theme for this 30-day challenge is: Scifi/Fantasy!!!

Can I get some nooooooooise??? \O/



You wanted erotica?

My bad.

not amused


**On cue, new music slides in: I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien, I’m an Englishman in New York**

So, as we were saying. Scifi/fantasy. If you don’t know much about this genre, you shall be properly enlightened at the end of this sesh with these writers, but you can still get an overview of the genre here and here

It begins tomorrow.

Check the blog everyday. New madness will be unleashed.

Tell a friend to tell his friend who shall proceed to inform another friend and this new friend shall herewith consider informing the other frie – **notices incoming tomatoes**

Tomato Strike!

Ahem. Okay.

One final thing. Each blogger shall be introduced with their Twitter/Facebook handle and Domain (that’s blog link to you).

If you wanna set P, ask for that follow back. They will follow back, if you ask nicely. If you want more madness Lord knows why from your favorite writers here, kindly follow their blogs…

It’s about to go down!



(All Images Courtesy of Google)


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