Challenge One: Born_Ghoulish

by Vunderkind

**This right here is Lekan. I like to think he is my friend. One of the reasons losing my BlackBerry saddened me was because I could no longer take jabs at him and his P-setting deeply religious ways. Thanks for agreeing to write for me, bruv. Thou art cherished (no homo)**

Mastermind: Born Ghoulish

Domain: PhonicPhoenix


Thoughts…they aren’t any crystal clear
My pukes stays atop me like residues
Tunnel visions of tomorrow aren’t the solution
The problems; microscopic seem to occur in periodic manner
What could these alienating signs sum up to?

My misery is compounded by breaches in my nervous system
The pain pierces my heart worse than surgical blades
My life is under the theatre lights: dissect as you wish
From the tunnel’s end I see rays; ultraviolet…such irony

Beams of hope, flashes of glory, staying positive is an astronomical fantasy
Reality sends shocking waves all over me, they move like ripples
I see elements of doom in my acts
But I’m like a programmed bot, I just can’t override

Maybe being lost is part of the plan
My coordinates might tally with the blueprint, maybe
The problems seems herculean from every angle of sight
My steel-like will is slowly reaching its melting point

Reflecting on the past, these images casted on the negatives
My very reasons for being motionless; stagnant, making no progress
I search within, there’s no atom of hope left
Sorrow seems bonded with my every breath; it stinks with gloom

That’s why I seek for a getaway in my galaxy of bliss
The Milky Way shall introduce my troubled hearts to peace
My system shall function like it’s been reset
For in my fantasies pain nor gloom do not exist