Challenge Three: Kemmie

**I won’t even be diplomatic: this is why Yaba Left was designed, people. Yet, Kemmie walks amongst us, without a straitjacket. Think on this, friends. Think on this and be afraid. Be very afraid**

Mastermind: Kemmie

Domain: Kaylatee



I stare at the screen as excitement builds up in my blood, closely observing the progress of the little pod flying towards my ship at light speed. It has been centuries since I have seen a human life form and I was starting to wonder if they still existed on earth; not that it’s any of my business.

I don’t care much for that annoying planet earth for just one reason; the humans think themselves superior to us, even while they admit that we are definitely more evolved than they are – by ‘we’, I mean extraterrestrial life forms, referred to in the human lay man’s language as Aliens. My planet is a small one located right at the edge of the solar system, it is known as planet Neptune.

Anyway, my loathing of the earthly beings stems from the knowledge that it is the human way to twist his whole existence into a cataclysm of paradoxical situations and events through his insatiable search for information and the ambitious yearning to know everything. I don’t understand why one would want to know everything. According to my findings, the earthlings have a saying that curiosity terminated the feline; the feline in this case being a hypothetical representation of a human. What then is the reason for their curiosity? But I digress.

My attention keeps waning, going between the big screen with the incoming pod on it and the screen on my desk notifying me of my guardian’s message. I try hard to ignore the message, because I know it will be urgent. My guardian has been quiet needy since she birthed me and I don’t understand why. Sometimes, she gets so intensely needy that I wish I was still in her birth pouch – the earthlings call this a womb.  I was birthed nineteen years ago – that’s 228 human years (a human year equals a month here) _ and I didn’t start leaving my guardian at home until four years ago. This fact has made it even harder to understand why my guardian latches on to me so much. The other young neptunians started leaving home to play and hunt in outer space as soon as they attained five years, but I sensed my guardian’s reluctance to let go and decided to keep her company for ten more years. As far as I’m concerned, I’m old enough and learned enough to be an independent life form.

The image on the big screen is getting bigger, which means the space travel pod is getting closer. I can’t tell exactly how close it is now, so I pick up my intergalactic distal calculator and connect it to the computer. Loud beeps immediately fill my ship and start increasing in rapid succession as the pod is hurtling towards my ship; I can see it clearly in front of my screen now. My blood is boiling now; literally and I try to take deep breathes as I watch my translucent skin go green all over and my red veins looking like thin strips of human blood over all my green blood. I keep taking deep breathes until my skin returns to its normal fair shade and my blood stops boiling.

The pod rolls into my ship and keeps spinning while I try to perfect my smile. It finally stops and I enter the pass code to open it; what I see stops me in my tracks. It’s the most beautiful adult human life form I have ever seen, and it is unconscious; probably exhausted from the shock of having a robot kidnap it and then transform into a pod that brings it to outer space. I look at said robot in its last stage of transformation and throw five gold chips at it.

“THANK YOU” It chirps, shocked at the token of more than three gold chips that’s its usual due. I smile as I hear it roll out of the activation chambers while watching the beautiful human before me breathing easily and wondering why the humans haven’t found a way to make robots with emotions. I also wonder why I find the human’s looks so enthralling and after thinking for a while, I decide that it’s either because it is male and it looks just like me or because I want to mate with it – after all, most human males mate with each other.

As I stare at the human, I realize that I will have to open his skull and extract his brain and this will terminate his life. The thought of this upsets me and I stop thinking about it. It’s not like he is the first human life form I have ever taken; I have been taking a lot of them over the years and of course, the humans in all their wisdom blame it on anything but Aliens. This fact has added to my hatred of their race over time – although, the few believers abated my anger some – they understand nothing of the ultimate simplicity and contrasting complexities of life.

I turn away from the human, anxious that it might wake up and catch me staring at it with such fascination. The humans already know they arouse our curiosity a great deal because of how much they look like us and how short their collective life span is. I start laying out the brain extraction tools while waiting for the human to wake up; I can’t wait to hear its screams as it begs me not to kill it. The human screams give the best feeling after space hunting; the feeling I get during the extraction always transforms from guilty to orgasmic whenever I hear their screams.

I hear a sound and stop what I’m doing. I look behind me and watch the human trying to get up when he suddenly notices his surroundings, and start smiling when I see a look of utter fear and confusion cover his face. He looks up and our eyes meet. Immediately, two things become clear to me; I know that I cannot kill this human. But I also know that I cannot return him to earth so I start thinking of what to do with him other than mercilessly dispose of him.

Suddenly, it comes to me; what I will do with this human. Things he or I will be unable to speak about to our kind. I smile as I turn and walk towards him again.

I will mate with the human.


18 thoughts on “Challenge Three: Kemmie

  1. I think I threw up in my mouth a little. Oh My God! The Absolute Horror! I am sooo traumatized. This is a horrible beatifully written piece. Ugh. The images burning through my mind. You need Jesus.


  2. I saw Gaylien and thought maybe it was the name of someone or something. Then reading through (i looove the way she writes, by the way) i realize then the true meaning of the title. A wonderful story. Would have loved it to be a bit longer but it’s okay.


  3. It’d take a galaxy of words to explain how I feel about this article: Wonderfully and skillfully written is the shortest summary I can give.


  4. “Human layman’s language?”lol. “Curiousity terminates the feline?”*writes down* I love the way this Gaylien thinks. You made Gaylien’s actions sound less sadistic…I was glued til the end.


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