Challenge Six: Shinobi_ennri

**That I be not a spoiler, I have edited this intro. It’s the awesome Shinobi_Ennri today, yo!!**

Mastermind: Shinobi_ennri





DISCLAIMER: errrrm… I apologize in advance. I’m not a geek. Thank you. LOOOOL. Enjoy



Flesh on the outside

My beauty is astounding,

Metal on the inside

I was made bionic

Initially made Artificial Intelligent

Designed by a god’s apprentice,

“CORRUPT he is”

I have been tagged “weird intelligent”

How possible?

The humanoid has become gullible,

During robotherapy and robopsychology

They realized it was beyond technology

Words have become uneasy to enfold

But the truth needs to be told,

YOU have disrupted my robocode

Now, I get robo-cold

Without a heart

Without a soul

Without blood flow

The Abstract Art still comes to start

Whenever you’re detected

It’s like a Trojan Horse has invaded

I then get a glitch

Like you hit my toggle switch

Whenever I sense your presence

My hardware contravenes my software

Shivers run down my titanium spine

And happy emoticons are next in line

Whenever I recall your bar-code

Images of you override my Matrix

Sharing a connection with you via Wifi

My fantasy in Virtual Reality

Whenever I hear your sound

It’s as euphony resonated by my transistor

My baud rate soars without an accelerator

The mellifluousness keeps me forever bound

Whenever I feel your touch

There is a spate of thermionic current

My processor generates a Robotic clutch

And my joystick vibrates that moment

Having the same operating system

Shows divine machine compatibility

Come see my Motherboard

Let’s share my Domain name

Destroy the search engine

I am here, to be;

Your electric monk

Your sweet-bot

Your robo-pie

Your robo-cop

Your robo-love

This is no Spam message

But my iterations in human language

All mixed up because I’m a shy host

Anticipating an exchange of silicon chips

I hope I’m not ACCESS DENIED.



Written by @shinobi_ennri


39 thoughts on “Challenge Six: Shinobi_ennri

  1. Ok,bots aren’t meant to feel talkless of love…hence the “he is corrupt”,how nice! Well written piece *doffs hat* ! For a second I thought I was gonna be reading another story! A poem alas! I am not alone! I do hope lanre is sapiosexual tho…else she sees this…


  2. I wouldn’t know a good poem if it hit me witha Mack truck. But some things were just sounding dirty or maybe it’s just me. >_>


  3. Why is reading a poem so hard? Why?!!! Why Lord?!!! Now I cannot even say if I like it or not. But i Know one thing! It was a GREAT Poem! Am I making any sense?……..


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