Challenge Eight: Dami_Maverick

by Vunderkind

**Gheun. Give me beat. E don happen. Satyri has left y’all mail. Read up, and respond accordingly. Written by the Maverick and the ‘WordSmyht” himself, this will give you some serious akara for thought. If it doesn’t, might I suggest an affordable psychiatrist? Leggo**

Mastermind: Dami Maverick (Wordsmyht)

Domain: Damilare Says


From: Satyri

To: Earth

Hail to Shoggoth he that stands at the threshold and beholds all. I am Satyri the last of the Elderith – the darkness that covers. If you are getting this then it means I am stuck in the zone of decadence – and my body will now be subject to the forces of entropy. You may be wondering what an Elderith is. I am a member of an ancient race of alien beings; we inhabited the Earth before the beginning of the Stelliferous age – the age of stars. We left after the Dawn Star declared war on our kind. We are the ones who filtered down from the stars and concocted the earth as one big joke. We are the inhabitants of the Nirn zone – the place your so-called scientists call the black hole.

I am writing this letter because I wish to dispel the notion that you are creation’s pampered favorite. Do not think for one minute that you are more than lumps of clay with red blood flowing through your veins. It is rather simple you are very much like the experimental outcome of the god-like creature Shoggoth. He has little interest in your spiritual or physical well-being. So go on, go ahead with your parties and orgies. There is no after-life, no eternity or big hall with feasts and virgins. Maybe if you slip into entropy and you are approached by the Grand Jury about your life you would request a do-over.

Much ado about love and all let us chat about evolution. To think that some of your best minds think you evolved from apes even cements our expectations. The probability of that happening is more unlikely than the probability of an army of monkeys typing away at infinite typewriter keyboards and producing oVunderkind’s first blog post. On second thought it would be more accurate to say apes evolved from you. The only good thing this evolution offers that comic series The Big Bang Theory. As Elderiths we feed on information, and this particular ‘series’ had a very rich taste.

We always wondered what would become of you when we left and how right were we to think that you would self-destruct, implode on yourselves. After all you are nothing but bioengineered weaponry designed to ravage everything you come in contact with. You are no better than the amorphous tar-like substance that you use to make your decrepit roads. On one of my arbitrary trips to observe you we noticed the large volume of prayer being proclaimed yet we scoffed at their validity. Man is a mistake, an accident, a cosmic joke that has outlived its useful life and as such we terminated our excursions.

Several amongst us are now living with you. They are the ones that managed to escape detection by the Dawn Star – some of your presidents, top scientists and sport stars. We will leave you guessing; perhaps it will keep you on your toes for a while. Isn’t it funny how you try to explore the expanse of time and space and yet you have no inkling as to the vast depth of your own souls? I say this in jest – do you even know what a soul is? Your every activity is tainted with an atavistic tendency towards violence. So while you plunge more and more funds into wars, your so-called future generation lies in a pool of their blood waiting for you to get some sense.

You are a civilization that is very much uncivilized. Leaders acting like demiurges, oblivious to everyone and everything around them, concluding through distorted mindsets that they are the only ones in their plane of existence. Followers who seem benign but have an utter disregard for life and who in defiance of all that is right and fair keep antagonizing each other. We received communication from our plants over here that you all trudge eagerly to a place called twitter where you display gross levels of stupidity. It is somewhat a relief that you are still peaking in your abilities to morph into fools.

Kudos to you.

Yet something baffles me. Your didactic nature as arbitrary creators and destroyers – you seem to excel in a myriad of things and yet you destroy the things you need in your quest to obtain the things you want. Wouldn’t it have been if you were merely caught in whirlwind, an impersonal cycle of death and rebirth? Aren’t you haunted by thoughts of your loved ones suffering under the burden of your accomplishment? To borrow a line from one of you – Worlds on worlds are rolling ever, from creation to decay. Like the bubbles on a river. Sparkling, bursting, borne away…

Perhaps I, Satyri cannot come to a full comprehension of who you are. Perhaps it is a fool’s game to attempt to understand beings that the Dawn Star calls Light. Wish I had the time to chat. You will get other letters as other Elderiths fade. But as I slip slowly into entropy I must laugh at you and I must say “see you on the other side”

The Darkness that covers