Challenge Twelve: Paetir

**Paetir. TheBluePaet. TheBawdyPaet. Achi_va. TEOP. (>_>) Same person. He is here to give his characteristic spin to things, and methinks I should hurriedly get out of the way. The floor is yours, sire**

Mastermind: Paetir

Domain: Redor




They all go, eventually

They go on and leave

Like I never even existed

Like they do not see me

I am pissed, so pissed.

Why do I always end up so alone?

But this is my cross, and I must carry.


image 1


I sat there, lost in thought.

‘You are beautiful when you stare into space, you know that right?’

It was weird, here we were at this 5 star restaurant and it was the woman paying the compliments.

I gaze into her eyes, I see the hunger and a genuine need to be loved

She touched my hand, and said ‘You’re supposed to be here with me’

She leaned in and whispered ‘I could be your ballerina’

And then I thought to myself ‘I am your salvation’

But I never uttered a word,I just looked on and marveled at her beauty.

The wind came along and carried with it a whiff of her scent.

She smelt like roses, bright red roses.

Then once again, I got lost in her beauty, suddenly she snapped

‘You agreed to meet me here, but you’ve not even made up a complete sentence since we got here over 15 minutes ago, I think it’s time I left’

And with that, she got up to leave, I did not try to stop her, her eyes, they gave her away.

They had the will of fire, of one that had known true pain, of one that could form resolve, the resolve to win, to survive this cruel and harsh world.




‘You are a special boy’

I looked up to papa with admiration, but then I would I always did

‘Daddy I want to go out and play, I am tired of these toys’

He always gave the same answer – ‘They are beneath you, the lion does not mingle with hyenas’

That was how it was, me and my dad against the world for much of my early life.

‘Daddy where is mommy?’

And once again he gave the same answer

‘She travelled far away, she’s never coming back’

‘What was mommy like?’

‘She was much like any other person’

I knew at that age that he meant she was somehow inferior to me, but I couldn’t understand why.

Could clean water come from a dirty cup?

Could a dirty hound berth a king?

Right from the beginning of my life I was always alone.

No friends.

I rarely saw family.

I was always holed up inside, watching other children have fun.

Fun was as foreign as the concept of love.

I felt like my dad was hiding me from the world.

I felt his pride, pride in the fact that he felt I was above them.

But every time I looked outside I would see how much fun they were having and I would want to join in.

After all I felt and looked like all of them, I did not seem superior to them, rather I felt inferior, like they towered above me like a multinational oil corporation does to simple villagers.

But I would not be deterred, I was after all superior to them, according to my dad anyway.

So this one day I finally went out to play, but the other children, they wouldn’t play with me.

They made me feel like nothing, like I didn’t exist

I would go over to them, and they would pretend like they couldn’t see me

I would speak to them and they would pretend not to hear

I went over to one corner and dejected I watched them have fun.

There were no walls or windows holding me back but was there really a difference?

I had thought that outside the wall I would be free, I would have fun.

But no, I found out one harsh truth that day..

One of them tried to bully me and then a scuffle ensued.

I blacked out and woke up to scattered remains of the children I had once called friends from the other side of my window.

It was like a savage beast had rummaged through the area..

Everybody was dead, they were all dead.

But for some reason this made me happy.

I noticed some blood on my hands, it seemed to have this crazy aroma.


image 2


Carefully I placed my left hand on my tongue..

Nothing had ever tasted so heavenly.

And just then I began to scream out loud and I saw my dad clutching a syringe.


Come oh little one.

Come play with me.

Come out little one.

Give me your innocence.

Come oh innocent one.

Lay with me.

We will fuck the world over.

And be their salvation too.

I had woken up to a massacre.

I didn’t even know their names.

I fell into papa’s arms.

I had saved my first soul(s).




As a gentle man I had to escort her home or at least make sure she took a taxi.

And besides she couldn’t refuse such an offer from such a handsome man as myself.

Her house was only a few blocks away, so we decided to take a walk.

It was going as planned, I couldn’t be happier.

So we took a walk with the night breeze on our back and the moon right in front of us.

It was a night of redemption and one of hope

One with latent hints of freedom and the damnation of eternal bondage

Things were going to happen.

I was answer to her prayer.

She was happy, you couldn’t tell from her face but I knew it, I could see it.

She needed to be happy at least I owed her that.

I had been sent to save her, I was the answer to her prayers.

A simple prayer all had been taught to pray.

She grew up an only child, one of those who had a skewed view of life right from inception

With an abusive father, her mother had been an alcoholic.

She had struggled through school and was now working as a teller at one of those new generation banks.

Now she was all alone. Afraid to love and be loved. She carried all that baggage with her and the sin of un-forgiveness, a shell of God’s image. She needed to be cleansed.

The universe is funny, the perfect joker if you ask me, it makes a mistake and then sends an anomaly to fix its anomaly.

The universe is flawed I tell you, mother nature is criminal, perhaps even more dangerous than Lucifer himself.’

She tells you to keep the hope when she knows you will die a miserable death.

She gives imbeciles millions and let the hardworking suffer in hardship all their lives.

She plants wars, starvation for entertainment sake.

She doesn’t care about her children, they are all bastards anyway, most will end up in hell.



Suddenly she stopped and turned towards me

I had finally been around her long enough

I heard ‘Athragon’ growl

It had begun


“Gates of Babylon

Hear my cry, my plea.

For your daughter has come,

She seeks recompense, save her, save her.



Bss v iwb v iosbvsosnosvosbnv

Hfvhsiv is

V isv ids vkivdovossos”


I then had to prepare the ritual.

Right there, in the middle of the road.

It was this part of the job I hated most.

I went to her and drew blood from her hands.

I drew a circular inscription on the floor and called the beast.

Anytime he came out, I took the backseat,

And I had only just learned well enough to control him,

I was proud of myself.


“I call to you Berserker

Lover of chaos and beautiful women

Of war and of drink

Of lost souls and the damned.


For I amAthragon.

I have come in the name of Demeter Pendragon.

I have come to claim all that is cursed

Only God can cleanse you of your sins now.


image 3



The beast came out, and my true form was bathed in the moonlight

I howled at the moon,

To tell the elements that a demon had been let loose

I placed her in the circle, the one I drew with her blood

And just then I placed my right thumb on her forehead and took her memories.

Step by step, minute by minute, I entered the deepest recesses of her mind

And erased all her bad memories.

I took every pain she felt, all she had ever known,

Even those she didn’t know, I took it, all of it.

I was after all the answer to her prayer, she would never have to remember those horrible deeds anymore.

I watched her scream and re-enact all the memories I was touching…

The first time her dad had raped her

That beating she got from her mom that left her fighting for her life

I heard her shout, smile laugh, weep, groan, moan.

I took everything and then just then I found something, something I never thought was there….

I saw her eyes open, she smiled….

She clawed at me and pushed me to the ground

Now she towered over me, I saw the look on her face and I knew..

She spoke in the voice of legions, her face deformed, like a part of it was peeling off..


image 4


“Who are you?

Who dares mess with my vessel?”


I replied…

For I am Athragon.

I have come in the name of Demeter Pendragon.

I have come to claim the bad

Only God can cleanse you of your sins now.”


“hahahahahahaahahaha God?

What do you know about God?

How dare you call his name?”


‘Who are you Demon?’ I asked


‘Who are we?

You ask who we are?

I will not tell you my name

For you are undeserving

We are Legion and this girl’s soul belongs to us,

Given to us by Lucifer to torment for eternity

You will pay with your life for trying to take our treasure.”


She screamed, then came at me.

That is all I can remember.

That day I finally completed my human experience.

For now I know what it is to die.





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11 thoughts on “Challenge Twelve: Paetir

  1. Bad meets evil? Pardon my interpretation if its not what’s intended buh intially, its started with the description of a blood suckin child (perhaps vamp). His ‘ritual’, is it suppose to be a good thing?too bad he lost his life tryin to save one.. (Was he even tryin to save?). Okay, enough of this review… Good Job up there!


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