Challenge Thirteen: iRepEfeh

**She is an artist. She is a writer. She is a devout Christian. Oh, and Today’s her birthday too! Happy Birthday, Francesca! Fam, wish her a happy birthday with me as she takes centre stage on the blog today!**

Mastermind: Francesca Ifeyinwa

Domain: Here



We walked together…
Grew up together…
Did almost everything together!

Most times I messed up!
Everyone got fed up,

Pals couldn’t stand me!
Yet, she stood behind me…
Though I chose to remain in the light of my sins!
She still stood closely…closely behind me.

Embracing the shame,
The guilt.
The embarrassment!
Things I had accepted too…

Several Crazy Times I denied my wrongs and ran to the dark, she left me…Left me Completely alone

Unconsciously teaching me to stand and correct my mistakes!
To stand in the light of every situation where all eyes look!

She never speaks!
She just moves..Like a guard.
Showing me how to make my presence count without words…

Consistently reflecting how the world sees me by
Moving as slow as I do!
Or As fast as I choose,

I see her as a good friend!
Awesome she is a girl like me yeah?

Amazes me too!

Amazing also to know she is not just a girl, but something they call… a Shadow…


12 thoughts on “Challenge Thirteen: iRepEfeh

  1. To a fellow poemmist **clinks glasses**

    This is not quasipoetry, but it is beautiful still.

    Happy Birthday. Vunderkind, now that it is a woman’s birthday, you remembered to add it in the post ba?

    SMH vividly for you.


  2. Nicely written and well told. I like that your shadow wasn’t revealed until the end. I would watch your meter though


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