Challenge Sixteen: TheMoviePencil

**Sigh. This piece. Lemme not say further. If I say anything, I know TheMoviePencil will grab me by the neck and yell “spoiler alert!”. But of course. It is his job to. Oh, and by way of advertisement, before you watch that next money, save yourself the heartbreak and read what TheMoviePencil has to say about it on his website. Oga Pencil, shey we can now share the commission? :D**

Mastermind: TheMoviePencil

Domain: TheMoviePencil


The Hosts

This write-up is inspired by the movie ‘The Host’…..

It’s a cool Saturday evening; Lara takes a sip of water, closes her eyes and tries to imagine she’s having a cup of blue bunny ice cream.

It has been 3 years since she’s had any form of luxury in her life. She’s been experiencing disappointment and frustrations in all that she has tried her hands on.

She looks up at the desolate looking skies and whispers, ‘Why me?’

Gbam! The sudden slam of the large mahogany doors behind here bring her out of her reverie and she looks behind her to see a very handsome looking man walking towards her. His clothes are sparkling white and his eyes are so fiery that the flames appear and disappear as he walks.

She looks on as the ‘Host’ approaches her….

Is she really thinking about this?!

 The voice of her parents and friends over the years pour to the front of her mind in an instant.

‘Do not entertain the hosts!!’

‘They are weird and they behave differently.’

‘It’s some form of magic they are practicing; can’t you see the fire in their eyes?’

‘They behave like aliens and all of them start speaking this strange language.’

What had she not heard about the hosts? Everyone that wasn’t a host had a reason why they didn’t like them but all Lara had observed about them was that they were kind, loving, non violent and respectful to all. They always seemed to know what to do and had calmness about them.

‘Are you ready?’

The handsome man had just spoken to her and deep richness in his voice made the hairs on the back of her head stand up.

‘Yyyyyes…’ she replied timidly.

‘Let’s begin then.’

For the next few minutes, the Host speaks to Lara about who the hosts were and why it was essential for everyone to become one. He told the story of the beginning of the world and how a single situation had thwarted the initial plan for the inhabitants of the earth.

He then tells her the story of how one man had restored the plan to its initial origins and given all humans the opportunity to become hosts so as to enjoy the initial plans.

After telling her all of this, Lara is asked to repeat a few words after the host…..

‘It is done.’ The Host looks up at Lara and Smiles.

‘Done?!’ Lara gasps…. ‘But I don’t feel any different.’

‘Do you believe you are now a host?’ The Host is probably used to hearing this question as he’s still smiling.

There’s a bit of hesitation, and then Lara responds, ‘Yes I do’.

‘Then you are!’ He exclaims. ‘Congratulations.’

Lara spends a few days with the hosts and is taught the basic principles of being a host and why they chose the name ‘Hosts’.

As she reads ‘The Book’, she begins to have a new turn in her life.

She realises she has a person living in her! He was speaking to her concerning the words she read.

How could that be? The voice explained the words in the book to her, taught her a new language that she conversed in……. but most importantly, she didn’t seem able to make any wrong choices when she did as he led.

She is filled with new life as strength, energy and a new enthusiasm towards life burst forth from her insides.

She feels superhuman and begins to accomplish things she never thought possible!


So this is what it feels like to be a Host?’ She ponders…… ‘Awesome’

Now she understands why all hosts spent time encouraging others to become one of them.

She must do the same and she would begin from those in her past. She just could not wait to tell them all their fears were misconceptions!

But first she looked up, smiled and said, ‘You! Yes, you reading…. are you a host yet?’



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