Challenge Seventeen: Zubair

**Is it healthy to know so many mad people? Ladies. Gentlemen. Zubair**

Mastermind: Zubair

Domain: Zubair The Dream

**Meanwhile, at a not so distant planet, June 30th, 2013**

Milton woke up right on time and thought to himself before getting out of bed “What a lovely day. It’s always lovely around here. Since we moved out of Planet Earth due to the pestilence, we’ve been better for it. Just look at those little kids playing in the sands. They don’t even know what an imperfect life is! Oops ! My meeting is only 5 minutes away and it’s on the other side of the planet. I better take light transport”.

It was at that point that he noticed something in the sky. It was a giant space craft – a military craft really and it was from Earth !

He ran as fast as his Usain Bolt themed slippers can carry him – 100 meters in 5.9 seconds and like all the drills they’ve had in the past, the whole region was here. All in their pyjamas. Someone was already addressing the calm crowd. It was the Governor.

Governor Smith : Please don’t worry. We’re safe here. I’ll send word to THE LAW now. They should resolve this in no time. Meanwhile, we haven’t had a party in like forever. I’ll have Wizkid entertain us now.

Random Citizen : But isn’t that what this fight is all about ? Isn’t that why they’re here ?

Governor : Right. Right. Sorry About That. Now Let’s Have Carrie Underwood !!!
**loud cheers**

*meanwhile at the legion of doom, Goodluck Jonathan was getting impatient. Denrele in his new gown was trying to pacify him*

Denrele : I assure you sire, we’ve got this. This planet will soon be ours ! *catwalks away*

Goodluck Jonathan : General Pepe ! Lieutenant Solomon Grundy ! I want you to destroy them all ! Except those that follow our way of life!

General Pepe : Alright Sire !!! *talks into radiophone* Move Out Now Guys.

** At THE LAW headquarters, seated (from left to right) were the executive members, Goku, Lord Pain, Merlin, Askia Muhammed, Word Girl, Super Man, Jimmy Neutron, Spongebob, Iron Man, @caballerozubair, Stewie Griffin And Peter Griffin et all. There’s panic amongst the heroes –  something Peter Griffin the leader was trying to correct**

Peter Griffin : First Of All…

@oluwawanababa : Go down low.

Peter Griffin : OUT ! OUT !! *warps him into oblivion* Why was He here ? Wanking is now a…. Alright. Back to my speech. I’d like to thank you guys for coming. Where’s Bathman ?
Stewie Griffin : He didn’t make it. Still stuck to the bath. Lets resolve the problem at hand – those Earthlings.

Peter Griffin : Right. Right. Naruto. Do you have an idea on what we should do ?

Naruto : How about we give them Ichiraku Ramen ? That’ll sure make anybody happy. *drooling*

Lord Pain: That kinda peace will not last. Only pain can bring long lasting peace !

The Guy Who Never Gets Anything: Why are we fighting again ?

Stewie Griffin: Those Earthlings are trying to force us to watch BBA and horrible Nigerian Music Videos, listen to Wizkid and become homosexuals.

Peter Griffin: What the hell Zubair Sanchez ! Why is this guy here ? Amean I know we’re tryna waste space and all with this post and we really don’t have anything to write but not him ! Meanwhile, and @caballerozubair is here because ?

Stewie Griffin : *Giggling*  He’s the most friendzoned nigga in history.

Psy : Please. Please. Back to the problem at hand. Why don’t you let me fight them with my gangnam style jutsu.

Peter Griffin : Shut Up. Jesus Christ ! Where’s Bathman ?

Itachi: He’s still there – in the bath. For the record I didn’t look through the bath.

@oVunderkind: Why don’t you let us live together in peace ? Amean. We’ll save ourselves a lot of time, money and lives !

Stewie Griffin: Oh Shut Up. We know you’re open to the idea of going at it with a man. Faggot.

Peter Griffin: We need someone to be batman meanwhile. *awkward silence* I’ll be batman. Alright, lets go. I have a plan. We’ll distract them with this hot steaming delicious soup while we sneak in their spaceship and eat their food.

Stewie Griffin: What if we get caught ?

Superman: Don’t worry Stewie. The good guys always win. We’ll win.

**at the Legion of Doom**

Goodluck Jonathan: **thinking to himself** Whale Whale Whale ! What is that smell ! I must have that to myself.

Angry Face

Random Soldier: Wow. That sure is gonna be delicious.

Goodluck Jonathan: **farts**

**the Whole contingent but Goodluck Jonathan inhales and they all died. **

Goodluck Jonathan : I must now do that acrobatic flip i saw in that Bollywood movie. I must not be outclassed as an evil overlord.

**Peter Griffin and the rest of the good guys acrobatically jump in**

Stewie Griffin: We’ve got you now.

Goodluck Jonathan: NO !!!

…And So, Milton went back to his life and sealed the deal to ban PES forever. Most importantly, they all lived happily after… Image 4.

N.B : No Auto-Tune Was Used In The Production Of This Post.


22 thoughts on “Challenge Seventeen: Zubair

  1. Like, God. I’m laughing, I’m confused, but I’m still laughing. I don’t understand how people that are not supposed to meet even in a million alternate universes met, but they did and I’m still laughing. And Laughing.


  2. This is crazy, I not crazy, don’t talk to me like I’m Crazy. You are the crazy one! You are the crazy one!! I have to keep telling myself that. Like jeez!!! Why would an Earthling think of such sipral write ups???


  3. I thought i knew his mind.honestly,this z some depth i wouldnt want to wander into.he successfully wrapped up his stupid fantasies in one piece.Humor on point…ahh,Wizkid.


  4. First, I scrolled through the post where I saw Goodluck Jonathan, and that aroused my curiosity to read for I was initially in no mood to read anything this afternoon. Lol Great post! Very funny!!


  5. This was the needed sunshine to my day!!
    I thought I was crazy, I bow to the writer’s err err CRASE 😛
    My crazy(she’s in the denial stage still) brought me here 🙂


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