Challenge Twenty Four: ShaiOnTheProwl

by Vunderkind

**See Poem! I love poets sha. Too bad I can’t write a serious poem for the life of me. Here is ShaiOnTheProwl (a name I like and often wonder about at midnight) KISSing on my blog. Erm. You do know KISS means Keeping It Short and Sweet ba? Before I will be read my Schweppes rights. Mirinda Rights. Miranda rights. Whatever**

Mastermind: ShaiOnTheProwl

Domain: ShaiOnTheProwl



S/he looked different
Her eyes radiant and yet fairly frightening
The bulge throbbing and pulsing beneath
Knocks my own eyes downwards in shame and envy.

In one body, everything so complete
This apparition you can’t call beautiful
A body which is replete
With sights and sores so awful.

S/he is like no other I have seen
Male or female I have no idea
Other than that, I fear I’d become a meal and be eaten
As I woke from my fitful slumber to behold this frightful monster.

Yours Sincerely,
Shanu Afolami Richard