Challenge Twenty-Seven: Sybil

**Anything I say can and will be construed as a spoiler. So I will keep it short and sweet. I love Sybil. End.**

Mastermind: Ceebeelah

Domain: Sybillan, Amasybil

My Solace

I lay on the grass as I gazed at the sky,

The stars all glistened.

It was a beautiful night and I felt this great peace

I felt clean and free of iniquities

I looked to my right and saw him

He held my hand and moved closer to me,

Attempting to Kiss me.

He was so beautiful, his face was perfection

I moved closer to him and closed my eyes to receive the kiss

We interlocked lips and I felt myself levitating

I opened my eyes and saw myself in a field

A field of Crying Souls.

The kissing stopped and I heard his merry laugh

I stood there in midair looking at all the souls below me

All staring at me with teary eyes

Thousands of unending souls looking at me with pain in their eyes

I felt droplets of rain on my skin

And I opened my eyes and there I was


Gazing at the stars.

“Amara!” I heard my mother scream

“Amara Nwa’m, where are you?!”

I quickly ran towards our hut, my left hand weighing me down.

The more I ran, the farther it was.

I heard footsteps behind me

Like they were all running away from someone

Like I was their leader

Leading them to the light.

I saw my mother, all dressed in white

Smiling at me, with my long lost father

My brother Ejike and Chiamaka, my sister.

All dressed in white smiling.

Another guy came out of nowhere

He held my hand  and led me on

Towards my family

Towards happiness.

I kept on running

Following The Guy holding my right hand

And I looked back for a short while

And saw the souls

The souls from the dark abyss

I saw the guy who kissed me

Looking red-hot

Two horns arising few inches above his ear

A look of failure on his face

A look of despair too

Then I looked at my left hand

Which felt occupied all along

I was gripping on to a book my mother gave me

A book I cherished so much.

The book I made my mother read to me from every night

This same book that always heightened my imagination

And as My mother read the last line of the last chapter of the book

I heard the man holding my right hand repeat the same words

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with everyone”

My mom Closed the bible I held

Kissed my forehead

Held my hands as we said the ‘Our Father’

“Good Night my baby, I love you” She said as she turned off the lights.


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