Challenge Twenty Eight: Trimia

**She is a beautiful nightcrawler. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the lady codenamed Aurora Borealis!**

Mastermind: Trimia_

Domain: SpotsOnAZebra



At forty one, The Russian Scientist Araiat Mason was easily the best bio-scientist in the world. Her achievements outnumbered that of her seniors in the field.  Her daughter Nadir whom she had from a teenage affair was well on her way to being even as revered. Nadir had studied and worked alongside her mother until one fateful day.

Nadir who was pregnant at that time had stayed behind after everyone to work late into the night. Araiat bid her good night and walked out the front door. When she resumed the next morning, she met the whole place upside down. The lab looked like it had imploded and all the electricity had gone out. She found Nadir dead beside the DNA restructuring machines they were working on. The machine looked recently destroyed, just as if it had caused the explosion. Lying beside Nadir in a pool of blood was a baby. Araiat was devastated; Nadir was the only family she had. The baby she had given birth to moments before the machine went wrong and took her life was a healthy baby girl. She held her in her arms and vowed that her daughter would not die in vain. She would complete the experiment.


Many people called her the mad scientist, Araiat Mason who many years before had lost her only daughter Nadir to an explosion in one of their labs had been so driven with acquiring power that she forgot why she started the work in the first place. She had crazy dreams, dreams of creating an impenetrable army, dreams of ruling the world. Araiat had been wallowing about with so much money when she met Thelma. Thelma was perfect, a beautiful young girl with a head full of nothing with but the best plans and advices. Thelma knew how to make anybody do what she wanted; she had a special skill for convincing anybody to do not just what she wanted but also to think that it was their own idea. With Thelma’s perfect plans and incredible foresight, she and Araiat were able to combine their resources and techniques into building the largest multinational company. They named it the phoenix corporation. After years of trial and error, she had found the perfect weapon…….a deadly strain of the “Ithamityxl virus”. The Ithamityxl virus itself wasn’t deadly; the best it had procured in all the months of extensive study it had undergone in Araiat’s lab was to induce vacant expressions in its test patients. But this strain Araiat had found personally was different, very different. It was as if two original viruses had just worked in reverse from different DNA points and produced a mirror version of the original altered DNA. She found a way to put it in a chip; this was the final component of the DNA restructuring machine, finally. She could complete the experiment.


            The experiment had been completed and it had worked. The first subject was her sixteen year old granddaughter Nadia. Even in those few moments when everybody was sure Nadia would die Araiat never once doubted. Even when the entire lab almost imploded from inside the glass chamber where she strapped Nadia to the chair despite the latter’s pleas and wails of confusion, and all the attendants and scientists clutched at the edges of the marble work surface tables begging her to shut down the system completely, Araiat believed. The system that had been roaring at a blood curdling pitch had died down to an almost indiscernible hum amidst the confusion and panic that had broken out everywhere around the lab. In the confusion of people that were scrambling all around the phoenix labs. Araiat looked out from under the broken shelf where she had huddled with Thelma, the glass chamber had been blown to pieces and she could not see Nadia anywhere.  Araiat stood up, taller that everybody in the room her presence usually instilled a deathly silence whenever she stepped into a gathering. But not today, today she had to shout. “Silence” roared Araiat as the entire lab which had at best been thrown to shambles was called to order. “Nadia is missing”, Araiat said to no one in particular. “If she isn’t found within the next forty minutes I will plug the first person I can lay my hands on to the machine and start over”. At once there was a scramble, Nadia had to be found, nobody was willing to plug themselves to a machine that had just perhaps blown its first subject into oblivion. It was Thelma who found Nadia herself.  She sat at a dark corner of the lab, playing with her toenails. At first, Araiat assumed the worst. Thinking that the procedure had gone wrong and somehow reduced her to a simpleton or a mad person, Araiat called her name gently the first time. When Nadia showed neither sign of recognition nor even any plan to raise her head to acknowledge the presence of other people in the room with her, Araiat shouted her name this time, louder. “Wait” Thelma told her as she walked towards Nadia. Araiat stayed, rooted to the spot. For the first time in a long time, the great Araiat Mason was unsure of what to do. Thelma walked up to Nadia and bent closely by her side, Nadia looked up and smiled. Before Thelma could talk to Nadia, Araiat knew that it was no use. From where she stood paces away she saw the blood dripping down from Nadia’s own ears. Even as Thelma tried to ask Nadia questions concerning her health, Nadia looked up at Araiat, puzzled. “She can’t hear you” Araiat said almost in a whisper. Thelma didn’t seem to have heard her because she kept mumbling to Nadia who just kept staring at her. ‘She’s deaf’ Araiat screamed in horror.


After a series of confirmation tests by the scientists of the phoenix labs, they presented Araiat with a fifty page long report about their week long study on the effects the procedure had on its first subject. Page by page Araiat leafed through until she could no longer hide her joy. The machine had done all and more that she had wanted and more. Nadia’s DNA had changed she was as close to a superhuman as possible. She was faster; her skin was impervious to most poisons and weapons. Somehow, the procedure had resulted in Nadia’s hearing loss. She was completely deaf in her left and had lost 80% hearing in her right ear. The scientist had diagnosed her with synethesia, a condition that meant while she was unable to hear a single sound; she could see all that she couldn’t hear. The icing on the cake was yet to come. During one of their extensive tests during the week under review, the scientists had found out that the procedure had given Nadia a lot more that physical strength and speed; Nadia had the power of mind control. The scientists included the power of mind control which they scientifically referred to as conning into Nadia’ voluminous file, Araiat had never been happier. All her work had finally paid off.  Her granddaughter was the strongest military asset anybody could have. With Nadia and Thelma at her side, Araiat knew she could conquer the world.


Araiat had been sold out, someone in her company must have spied on her and reported to the government. She knew she had to flee, the entire corporation was under a siege from the government and most of her assets had been seized. There were signs around everywhere announcing the fall of the single most powerful corporation in Russia. The government had succeeded in destroying every part of the phoenix corporation within a few short days and Araiat was scared, not for her life but for Thelma and Nadia. She always knew that once the government learnt of her outstanding creation they would never be content with leaving it in the hands of a single individual. She separated the key components of the machine into three parts between herself, Thelma and Nadia. Nadia had proved herself by placing several of the agents sent by the Russian government to search the labs under her mind power. The coned agents proceeded to arrange the lab and hide all incriminating evidence of the Ithamityxl virus and they reported to their superiors saying that they saw nothing. Araiat had prepared everything to run. The travelled disguised separately and in a few short weeks they met in Florence, Italy. She recreated her lab in Italy. She was able to re assemble the machine and start afresh. From her quiet lab in Rome, Araiat started recruiting soldiers.


Araiat stood in the middle of the new lab in Florence, Italy; she had gotten everything she wanted. She was without doubt the most powerful single force in the world. The DNA restructuring machine had created for her the strongest army on earth, the Black Fire Militia. They all had enhanced biological features; they were fast, strong and intelligent. But none of them had Nadia’s conning ability; none of them were also deaf. She was desperately trying to recreate the conditions of the first procedure. Even when she restructured her own DNA, she was still inferior to Nadia’s Supreme powers. No matter how much she tried, none of them were as good as Nadia. She came to work early today to get a few moments of peace before the entire place begun crawling with her researchers and scientists. She was standing with her back to the door, studying some renaissance artwork when an unfamiliar sensation gripped her. She felt like she was floating through a void, her knees were weak and she desperately tried to hold on but all she felt was the leather set office table. She got the sensation that someone was behind her, she turned with much difficulty and standing at the doorway to her office was Nadia who had a puzzled look on her face. “why is it so difficult’ she asked Araiat, “Why are you still holding on”. At once Araiat knew what was happening; Nadia was trying to cone her. The entire office was shaking; the force the two women were pulling with their minds had caused a small earthquake. The windows were shattering one by one and the doors were ripping themselves from their hinges. By this time Araiat was already sweating, her head was pounding and the effort she was using to still hold on to her surroundings was drawing every single drop of energy she still had left. She was sure she would die, and then she felt it. She felt every bit of self control depart from her when Nadia entered her head, even when she looked up she knew something was wrong. Nadia was not trying to cone her like she had suspected, she was trying to kill her!! Araiat had fallen and the entire office was in shambles by now. The chandelier had fallen and smashed the remnants of the table to powder. Nadia was sending her messages now. Instead of speaking to her like a normal person Nadia was pushing thoughts into Araiat’s head “I’m stronger than you’ll ever be, you cannot recreate me” she told Araiat, “My mother Nadir, your own daughter, biologically engineered my DNA while I was in her womb. You didn’t create the first DNA restructuring machine, she did!!! That was what killed her. I am immortal!! My DNA had already been structured so when you plugged me to that machine that day, you just made me stronger!! “Black fire is mine” she continued “it is I who will rule the world” By this time Araiat’s face was pale, all the blood had gone out of it, she was finding it harder to breath. Nadia had developed her powers so much that by the time the sun had burst its way through the curtains, she had mentally programmed Araiat’s heart to stop beating.


3 thoughts on “Challenge Twenty Eight: Trimia

  1. I’m sorry but I couldn’t read past the first paragraph. LOOOOOL!!! I believe that a story no matter how fantastical should at least be believable.

    If you go on Wikipedia, you will discover that there is a long and complicated process between the first birth contraction and actual delivery of a baby. First the water breaks, then the walls of the birth canal have to dilate sufficiently, while the vaginal walls experience contractions for about 6 – 16 hours before the actual process of birthing a child even begins. You will also find that all this is so supremely distracting that a woman in labour can barely do anything else but wait to have her baby.

    So how Nadir can go from just fine to delivering a newborn, all alone, while still working the DNA splicer and the machine explodes immediately after the baby is born and kills the much stronger mother and somehow leaves the fragile newborn who ideally should have died anyway from being exposed to the very cold temperatures normal in any DNA lab.

    I skimmed through the rest of the piece and it was riddled with such inconsistencies. I hope you would consider rewriting this, with a proper editor. Challenge yourself to get the minute details right.


  2. Ed was right about the baby part. But i went ahead with the story and kinda liked it. Maybe would have had a different ending if I was its author.


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