Challenge Thirty: ThisIsBFG

by Vunderkind

**This niggah is just a pavat. End.**

Mastermind: @ThisIsBFG

Domain: ThisIsBFG


I got up very early;

I woke up with the sun.

Today would be a glorious day;

A very special one.

All year I had been waiting

For the order I had made.

I was very impatient,

And prayed it wouldn’t be delayed.

When finally the bell rang,

I jumped up from my seat.

I ran to the front gate

Without shoes on my feet.

I signed for my delivery,

And wheeled the box inside.

My curiosity was killing me,

And it would not be denied.

Inside I tried to open it;

This took more than an hour.

For it was tightly sealed

And therefore needed lots of power.

After much toil and sweat,

The box finally gave way,

And now I’d see the miracle

For which I’d had to pay.

I opened the box and there she was;

The lady of my dreams.

Created in the laboratory

By several scientific teams.

The Artemis 7000,

Only five ever made;

Laid out in all her glory,

In my living room displayed.

Her hair gleamed like the sun

In the middle of the day.

You could get lost in her eyes,

And never find your way.

And you’d never get a better blow

From another mouth;

For those lips were as perfect up north,

As the lips much further south. 😉

Oh, the shape of those breasts

On which I longed to lay my head;

There are no two softer pillows

On any earthly bed.

Her shiny skin was African,

But not too black at all.

Her stomach was as flat and firm

As China’s great big wall.

There aren’t enough adjectives

To describe this creature’s ass;

Just know that it was fucking huge,

And let the matter pass.

I plugged her in her charger,

And sat back in my chair.

Fuck work, fuck school, fuck everything;

I wasn’t going anywhere.

I’ve never been more happy,

To live in a future time,

An era of great inventions,

And technology so sublime;

This is AD 2080,

And I’m staying home alone

To have some freaky fun

With my Nicki Minaj clone.