Wendy Echaka: For Your Special Day

by Vunderkind

She doesn’t like poetry, so I wrote the next best thing:


There lives in Calabar a lass

In medicine she took her class

She said she ate

Some chocolate

Yet look – she grew no ass!

I joke, I laugh, I cry, I beg

But never tire to pull her leg

Her day’s today

She needs to pay

For us to booze – we need a keg!

Happy birthday to Miss Wendy

I’m neither suave nor trendy

But this lil’man

Can write, he can

Wish you fun in beaches sandy

Lindt chocolate is a favorite of hers

Like a rapper fascinated with bars

I’ll buy a pack

Stack on my back

And travel to hundred Calabars

Happy Birthday, Chakiee. Lots of Love. Enjoy today to the fullest.