Chorus Insane

chaos pics

A note.
A chorus.

Back and forth.
Upsurge. Lull.
Beauty. Ash.
Golden belt on sack-cloth.
Up. Down.

The conductor waves, fails.
The performance will not be controlled by flailing limb flesh.
A crescendo.
Twangs as the strings of a violin come undone.
A foot tears through a drum.
Ripped, the back curtains.

The falcon remains deafened.
Things, they fall apart.

Moment of silence for my heart.
That fierce fighter.
Pounding relentlessly, tirelessly.
Now, without word, rested.
Spent. End of the chore.



UluthriX’s note:ย I wrote this without giving it much thought. I wrote it, infact, while on the wordpress dashboard. Vunderkind only just granted me access to post on his blog directly, and since I have had no prior experience, consider this a test driive…bear with me. Thanks_______________________________________________


25 thoughts on “Chorus Insane

    1. That “the falcon remains deafened” line was indeed an abrupt cut-off from the rest of the psuedopoem. I suddenly remembered Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. You know that poem? “The falcon cannot hear the falconer | Things fall apart | The centre cannot hold|”?Yea. That.

      You are a smart one, Miss. Remarkable observation there.


  1. I would state an opinion and hint at possible mastubatory tendencies; back and forth movements, amidst twanged off clothes and flailing phalluses..but they’ll say I’m being a perv.
    What do I know of poems anyway..
    I apologise. Have a nice friday.
    Awesome post UluthriX..! (That was hard to type from memory)


    1. …and I didn’t even mention clothes or phalluses. You are definitely a friend of Vunderkind. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      Mr. Janusaneni, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ (Is that a signature in your thumbnail photo?)


  2. What the hell??? Where do these poets get their weed/pills from?!!! Okay,see I read many things from this piece! The 1st 2 stanza(s) sounds like you describing someone in an assylum. Hence lines like: upsurge,lull,synchrony,beauty,ash.

    Fast forward! You have the next stanza talking about an orchestra (looks like a stark raving mad ROCK BAND to me) going in a frenzy

    But the last stanza? Wheeew! You’re talking about u dying? For you talk about your beating heart rested! Plus the word requiem means a mass for a deceased person! Now my issue is,where’s the big picture! But awesome stuff you put together!


    1. Shit. You are too smart to be fooled by me, sir. Damn. I respect you.
      Thanks. Your analysis would suggest that you are a poet. Impressive.

      I have no idea what I was trying to prove. Alas. Maybe I will think about it for a while and come up with something.


    2. So nobody noticed the part where UluthriX is trying to make it sound like “ees nuffin”, like he just opened the blog’s dashboard and the Spirit descended upon him and he wrote like David twerked?

      Show-off, that niggah.

      But good stuff. Now, I don’t understand poetry, but it’s been a while since I read the word “sack cloth”, so it’s a fat, swollen thumbs up from the Vunderkind


  3. I think I agree with phonicphoenix, I think you are comparing the persona’s heart beat to an orchestra…

    ” The conductor waves fails.The performance will not be controlled by flailing limb flesh.” – probably someone trying to resuscitate the poem persona but failing because life has other plans and goes on no matter how you try to control it

    ” The falcon remains deafened”

    I am not sure but… the previous stanza the conductor is unable to control the orchestra… and whoever has other plans for the poem persona is maybe refered to as the falcon who has refused to let go of his hold…

    “Things, they fall apart”
    the orchestra has lost it’s tune…. the heart crashes

    anyhow… of you wrote this unconsciously this is really good
    really nice poem…


    1. Miss Anu, your analysis of this piece does you credit. I have read two of your poems, and I know you know your stuff. I am humbled.

      Wow. I have so much to learn :’)


      1. Haha…. I just saw a typo in my comment
        Anyhow… lol
        Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
        We are all learning and I really liked the poem

        We should do this poetry analysis thing more often
        It was fun seeing other people’s opinion…


  4. I see two things.

    1. An orchestra going well. Then one evil spirit swoops in on them and they destroy everything. Then the evil spirit leaves and there is silence.

    2. A patient in a lovely coma with the musical beeps of the monitors. Then sudden brain surge with doctors and nurses shouting “Clear Clear! Adrenaline!” and all the machines beeping, deafening everyone and there is chaos and patient convulses and dies.

    Too much House, right?


    1. That number two, Mr Teleola. That’s the perfect picture right there. I didn’t even think of it before, but now that you say it, it fits absolutely perfectly. Damn, You’re good.


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