The Dood Fantasy eBook Project: An Introduction

(Vunderkind’s Note: This is basically FYI.)

I am lazy by default. If there are ten ways to do something, I’ll pick the seemingly easiest route (which, I have come to realize, usually ends up being the toughest.) In a way, I have my laziness to thank for my ‘creativity’. It’s a long story explaining just how laziness fuels creativity in my case, but I hope someone gets the idea already.

On that note, I have been meaning to write this particular book since 2011, but…yeah. Laziness happened. The story has potential, the writing style is uncommon (for a Nigerian, that is), and I have very good Feng shui whenever I talk about it, but I have never been able to set pen to purpose to actually write the book itself.

A few months ago, I put up an intro to the book here, and the comments were amazing. It spurred me to write the damn book once and for all.

However, this push was momentary, and I relapsed into my blissful lethargy again.

But this time, thanks to Enajyte and Janus, I am actually going to do this for real. Ena gave me an idea to post each chapter as I write it on my blog (it’s supposed to keep me going, since readers would egg me on to complete it), and I think I like the idea.

I added her idea to Janus’, and this is the outcome:

I am going to be updating my blog with occasional and arbitrary status reports about my progress on the book.

I will also be tweeting matters related to the book with the #DoodProject hashtag.

I will like to thank everyone for their support, both spoken and unspoken. I know you all love me. Compulsorily, you love me. 🙂

And I love you too >_>

How far have I gone today? I’ve only written the plot, and that is basically only three chapters long so far. I have tipped the book to be 20 chapters long, and I’m gunning for 80,000 words.

I am right now working on the characters and their names and also the ‘world’ (where the story is set, since I have created it out of thin air to suit the fantasy requirement.)

If everything works out well, I will be ‘launching’ it free on Christmas day and making it available for free download from December 25th to January 15th, 2014. After that, it goes on to becoming my second book on Amazon 🙂

Thanks fam.

(I don’t even know why I’m saying thanks, but thanks. Seriously)


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