INTRO: Four Horsemen

Hey, guys. UluthriX here. How’s your day going? It’s been a while since anything important has happened on this blog. Justin has been writing a book (and flooding the blog with his updates) and so he really hasn’t been able to make a meaningful post.

I, on the other hand, was supposed to keep the blog alive, but I’ve been pretty busy. This is a collective apology from both of us. We did not abandon the blog, neither did we abandon you guys.

That said, I have the epic pleasure of introducing The Four Horsemen. Who are the four horsemen, you ask? Well, we are going to be treating you to four days of posts on this blog, each day handled by one horseman.

Allow me to introduce the horsemen and the titles of their posts for each day:

Djay_prinze: Shower Beiber

TheVunderkind: Aisosceles

I_am_doxa: A Man’s Addiction

UluthriX (my humble self): Aisosceles II

“Four horsemen: It’s the sign of the end of the days, but I’m still gonna put my pen on a page…” – MI Abaga.

It starts tomorrow.

Stay tuned. God bless…

four_horsemen_logo copy


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