Songs About AIDS (Free Comic Download)


Salaam Aleikum

Greetings to everyone here today, as we celebrate World HIV/AIDS day. There is a reason why this day is a pretty significant one for me, at least. I lost an aunt to the virus, you see, and I will not turn down an opportunity to campaign for HIV/AIDS awareness.

This is why it is my immense pleasure, honor and joy to be doing this today in conjunction with Mr. Seun Odukoya. Today, in commemoration of the people we have lost to that deadly virus, and with hopes of enlightening those still with us about the dangers and consequences of HIV/AIDS, Seun Odukoya and Samuel Achema have created an 18-page comic titled “Songs About AIDS.”

Songs About AIDS is a free 18-page comic, created by Samuel Achema and Seun Odukoya and released in commemoration of the World’s AIDS Day. It is about a number of characters who have AIDS and the consequences for them and their loved ones. It is a small contribution to the on-going efforts to educate people about this deadly disease and inspire people against discrimination.

It is our hope that this will, in some way, touch the reader in whatever capacity they need to be touched.

aids song two

Download the comic book free here (PDF): Songs About AIDS 1


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