Day 5: Justin

This is the best thing I’ve written all year (so far.). Thanks OlaToxic.

nostalgic words of future me

I am still trying to figure Justin out. Recent addition to my TL, and now, guest here. I love the way he wrote his entry though. I intend to go look for other stuff he’s written. This first though…





As the lights come on, I wince: this photo-sensitivity the result of years in the dark. As you stare curiously at this (hulking? Cowering? Skulking? Towering? Method acting has never been my forte) man before you, you probably wonder if I suffer from the rare Xeroderma pigmentosum.

No, my years of darkness are not the result of a genetic defect. I speak figuratively. I am just a hermit. But not a hermit like you would think. I have even coined a word for my kind of hermitine propensity.

I call it my “Socially Prohibitive but Expressively Unhinging Hermitic Proclivity.” To simplify – I would avoid company if…

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