First Post, and only by Brute Force

Hello, family.

I did not abandon my blog. I heard your voices, and I hid in the bush, because I was naked.

I’m still naked as I type this, come to think of it…

Truth is, I’ve been battling with a severe case of The Writer’s Block. Bruh. That stuff got me by the testes and refused to let go. For three months fa.

That is why I have done this. I have written a very short story. Short enough to be called a ‘short story’, but long enough to dissuade me from making it a blog post. Please download it, and please read it. Na God I take dey beg so.

Click here to download: [Download Life Support]

It’s very short (16 pages, not counting the cover), so it shouldn’t take too much of your time.




22 thoughts on “First Post, and only by Brute Force

  1. Welcome back, Vundie. Feels so good to have you back, you were sorely missed. Those pieces are magnificent, with generous doses of humour, horror and stupefaction; all in true Vunderkind fashion. Made the wait worth the while. And I do agree that we’re living on borrowed times in Nigeria, sitting on a ticking timebomb with so much frustration plaguing the land. Hopefully, things will be sorted out in the polity before things fall apart for shizzie, and the center loses all forms of ‘hold’ to pave way for anarchy in its rawest form. This will not be our story, God forbid!


  2. See ehn, I’m going to use the writers block line for when I’m finally able to string two sentences together this year. Awesome read too; ticking timebombs and slasher horrors, my kind of thing.


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