In My Shoes: Sweet Pain

FedUpLad technically put me on blast. Eesolgood.

For The Ravenous

Hey everyone, another weekend. Today I have Rihanna Justin (@TheVunderkind) here with a piece. Reader’s discretion is advised, and please do not try this at home, people. DISCLAIMER: He’s disturbed:

Tokunbo once told me, ‘when you are old enough, you’re going to have a dream. In that dream, your crush will do some things to you – things your mind can’t even understand right now. And you know what? It will feel good. So good you’ll pee in your sleep. Only it won’t be pee. You will understand better when your teacher starts giving Sex Ed lessons. What I’m trying to say is, when that happens, clean up immediately you wake up. If mommy finds it – your pee – she’s going to be very angry.’

I was ten then, and Tokunbo was eighteen. He was my older brother, and while the age gap between us didn’t permit our hanging…

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