Paetir and Vunderkind have a serious discussion on Colorism

Paetir is awesome. I don’t know mehn…


So in preparation for the muser’s Book  Meet which you can get more information about by clicking here #TheDarkSkinProblem, Vunderkind and I decided to goof around. You probably shouldn’t read this if you’re having a good day and don’t want it ruined but what the hell, I’m pretty sure you’ve read far more disgusting blogs.

So this is how it all started.

Paetir: Yo We have a meeting with destiny.
Vunderkind: _O_ I like that Babe Destiny.
Paetir: Just thought that’d be a cool thing to say, I’m about to have dinner by the way; Pounded yam and egusi, Gimme a few minutes sensei.
Vunderkind: LMAOOOOOO. Bloody show-off! I’m having the next best thing, plantain with no back up. No rice. No beans. No stew. Just lone, glorious plantain.
Paetir: Loool, Chill, I’m coming
Vunderkind: #Pause.
Paetir: Yeah, Destiny tinz

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2 thoughts on “Paetir and Vunderkind have a serious discussion on Colorism

  1. I respect both writers a lot. In fact, I aspire what they do with their Pen too. But if this piece is not a joke, it fell flat. Not based on the writing prowess(who be me to critique Vundie or Paetir?) But on logic. This comment took long because of my person. I hate orders, cliches, authorities. Castes. I love chaos. A state where there is no head or tail, an egalitarian system. This is the reason I don’t follow the people that follows you on twitter. You people have order. I just sauntered in here like I occasionally do and stumbled upon this. If any serious talk on Colourism would ever be done, please grab a copy of Frantz Fanon’s Black Skin White Masks; it’s a famed book on the topic. You would soon realize that the problem is deeply psychological. It is in the head of the Black, passed down from Generation; as ensured by the White. Did you even realize that the argument was made with the lightskin’s language? So. Paetir and Vundie. I hope your small discussion was just bants? Thanks

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    1. LOL!

      Sir Tcheryph, thanks for your comment!

      The piece was a spoof. There is not need to be upset. This was a buildup to the actual event, the #DarkSkinProblem, where (incidentally) we discussed (at length) the book you mentioned by Frantz Franon, Black Skin White Masks. We also discussed Americanah, Yellow Yellow

      The event itself was a serious affair (I should know, I was there) and we did justice to the subject of colorism and how the ‘black skin syndrome’ transcends dermal implications. You should have been there, Tcheryph. You’d have been proud.

      We had Lola Soneyin present, and also Kaine Agary (know them?)

      So, to recap: this was a spoof. Nothing to be taken seriously – (not even the title) and it was basically a sensational way to get people to visit the crux post here: (it was at the bottom of this one) where we nacked our suits and ties and composed ourselves like gentlemen and discussed the pressing issue.

      Forgive me (and Paetir) if the post fell flat. We are experimenters. Sometimes our brainchild falls flat on its face. Sometimes we impress. *Shrugs*

      Thanks again. I appreciate the time you took to type this out!


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