The Excursion From Now Avenue to Memory Lane

Ah, a new month and a fresh Sunday. It doesn’t get better than this. It doesn’t, that is, unless you are me.

I like to appreciate the little things, and I’m not even throwing shade at Tyrion. With that said, I looked up my blog’s stats today and what I saw made me cry. This little blog just crossed its 40k – hits mark and I’m feeling very emotionally unstable right now.

(‘Cos I’m happyyyyyyyyyy!!!!)

Batman is still angsty because his parents never came for his school's PTA meeting.
Batman is still angsty because his parents never came for his school’s PTA meeting.

This is a thank you note. To you, reading this right now. Yes, to you. These blog hits don’t make themselves, yunno? My happiness is your happiness (I want to say ‘take ye my flesh, and eat it,’ but I’ve been watching Hannibal and so…no.)

The MC backstage just said I’m supposed to give a brief history lesson and propose a toast. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t my first attempt at blogging. Heck, I began blogging in 2007 or so. Half-heartedly, and each time I shut the blog down. I was using the Google’s BlogSpot (‘blogger’) platform at the time.

I became active on Twitter in 2011/2012 (I don’t really remember now) and noticed that blogging was ALL THE RAGE! NO, SERIOUSLY! See ehn, prior to my Twitter discovery, I thought blogging was only for people looking to SEO-optimize and provide niche-relevant stuff (that’s what I was doing since 2007, in case you were curious) and that the end goal of blogging was, well, money.

It is, sometimes. Shout out to Linda Ikeji’s car.

"Thanks bro."

However I saw blog links on Twitter that pointed to…stuff. List of Funniest ‘Tweeps,’ 20 Most Disgusting ‘Tweeps,’ you know the drill.  I once read a blog post titled “How to Make a Tweep Have Sex with You.”

(MY EYES!!!!)

I realized at that point that there was such a thing as a ‘tweepocentric’ blog (my coinage, you like?) and I joined the foray (I’m ashamed to admit.)

Fam, this is where it gets embarrassing. I’ll only say this once, and then we can forget about it. My first Twitter-inspired blog was titled “The Gods Must Be Pregnant” (*cringe*) on (*CRINGE!*) The first post, which has since been transferred (sadly) to this current blog) was titled “Rules of Engagement: When You Meet Her Offline For the First Time”

(At this point, I must crank the volume on my embarrassment by stating here that I was a chauvinistic bastard at the time who pretended to have read the Bro Code, or to even be a bro for that matter. I’m sorry, Jackie. This is why I said you shouldn’t open the third closet to your right. That’s where I stock my skeletons.)

My first post got crickets for several months. I didn’t mind. I barely had 100 followers anyway. However, there was this erotica girl’s blog I loved to read. Can’t Won’t remember her name, but she was the first person ever to give me a comment. I creid everitiem. She said, on Ceewahala “love the humor. The kitto line killed me,” and I was like “mommy I have arrived!”

Well, I opened IraborJustin a long time ago (simply to gain control of SEO where my own name is concerned), and only began to blog with it in December 2012. This was because I’d just gotten a job and I didn’t know what else to use the office Wi-Fi for – so why not just run a blog, ey?

At first the blog was aspiring to be a sarcastic Linda Ikeji clone (I’m totally, like, staring at the floor now and avoiding eye contact).

"Last time I was this embarrassed, I was in JS 2 and my crush had just caught me talking to Fred, my favorite pen."
“Last time I was this embarrassed, I was in JS 2 and my crush had just caught me talking to Fred, my favorite pen.”

I met DankarO and Paetir, and somehow along the line, I came out (of the closet) and began writing prose for real.

Highlights of my blogging adventure include the Liebster award and The Big Blog Theory (a blog challenge organized by yours truly, something I’m still thinking of bringing back this year).

However, the most outstanding thing that has happened for me was, legit, meeting you people. All of you who read and comment. Fellas whose blogs I follow and the ones I read. The people on Twitter and Facebook and anonymous ’emailers’ who unabashedly encourage me.

If you think I’m awesome, go look in my old posts. I only became better because you were there. And I’ll only get better. For you.

(This is the part where we, you know, cry and soak one another’s shoulder pads with nose juice, yunno.)

I love you guys. Really.

And now, a toast:

To greatness. We shall converge at a later time (this year, or next) and we will discuss the greatness of God, and how we have arrived at a significantly better place than we are currently.

You and me.


13 thoughts on “The Excursion From Now Avenue to Memory Lane

    1. I have. BlogSpot really doesn’t let me make comments via my WordPress account but we’ve talked about your blog in the past 🙂

      Perhaps you forgot.

      Good stuff, Tessa. Good stuff.


  1. I’m just joining the Vunderkid fam… latecomer Yea? I read d dark skin conversation between you and Paetir n it was *blows air thru my ears* a Great read, I just kept sharing it to those I felt would get the true hilarity of the post… not many people if I might say… but That’s not the point. Your writing is interesting n fun. You can’t go wrong with interesting and fun….
    Cheers mate! 80k next milestone Yea?


    1. Thanks, man! And you’re right about the Dark Skin Post. Not many people got that, but then again, we expected it. I’m glad you did. Glad, and flattered, man.

      Thanks man. I really appreciate it.


  2. keep it up bro…your story is similar to mine- from blogger to wordpress. I must say, the move was a great one, though I can’t boast of 40k hits…
    you write wonderfully well, the sky is just the beginning…


    1. Honestly, Mr. Seun, you have been one of the most influential people in my writing. I learned the art of writing from you, for until then, writing was merely a pastime. I’m still learning as it is, anyway…

      Thank you very much, sir.


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