#ThrowBackThursday: For the Lovers of DOOD! [Free Download Here]


Photo credit: Shutterstock (duh)

Gracias, gracias.

First, I must apologize on behalf of me for the tardiness in posting today. It is easily explained, but I’d rather not. Instead I’ll blame some random unconnected entity (GEJ, anyone?) for the series of events that have led to my late post.

(I’m a night-loving creature. I could start a disquisition on circadian rhythms et al, but an Ekene or two is already drooling on his smartphone.)

On the plus side….

I have another book! (sorta) Unfinished, and done last year, back when I was just stirring from my Dood-induced slumber. You remember Dood, right? The story that wouldn’t let me write it? Well, I had originally written something – and this something had me so dismayed that I quit it before you guys smote me with hailstones.


This is it: Dood and the Agent of Darkness (Aborted Version.)

DISCLAIMER: It is, at best, playful. Sometimes I read it and wonder why. Like ‘why?’

This is for the people who ask me about Dood. This is for them. FOR SPARTA.

Click this link to download and be blessed: Dood: The Watcher of the Gods


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