Guest Post 1: Brew

If you can imagine me cartwheeling, that is how you should imagine my entry into this blog today.

So I’ve, over time, accumulated a number of guest posts, and I’ll now drop them here arbitrarily. (Damn, I totally love that word. Arbitrarily. So arbitrary.)

Today I bring poetry from a friend (I want to say brother too) and one of the people I looked up to when I first began blogging. You know the guy, but I’ll let his piece do the introductions.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Brew.

(Yes, I am cartwheeling out of the blogpost as well)



– BREW –

Music breeds clarity

Clarity berths the clandestine,

And often more superfluous clarity.

It’s a peculiar conundrum

This is a product of one of those.

Pay me no heed,

I reach hazy realizations,

Based largely on imagined epiphanies

Absolutes that never mate oxygen,

You should however listen to my pen

It is after all always right.


I ponder

Almost capitulate

At the irony of it all

That my prized jewel

Is another’s to cast away.


Hilariously paradoxical.

I wish my mind were beautiful

So I could truly appreciate Mona Lisa

I want to write songs

Of love and of conquest

Of pride in oneself

Of innate ability

Of happiness

Of nirvana.

Do you dare dance in the light?

You sons of Cain

And daughters of Jezebel?

Would you trade your soul for a kobo?

If it could purchase the key famed to unlock the very secrets of the universe?

What would you do for a glimpse through the creator’s eyes?

Or is your soul worth more than one kobo?

Journeying traveler

Finds purpose in journey

Hence no destination.

Feeble mindedness,

Characteristic of nomads

Wondering wanderer.




Ah ah.

Seek depth in simplicity

Be blind to multiplicity

Teaming with audacity,

I ask that you take responsibility,

Of your affairs.



Words elude me

Evasive as ever

Running in circles

Haughty circumferences.

The scribbles of my mind

Pious, logical,

Sold to conflict,

And irony found in the profound.


In often conflict with the heart

Willful and easily swayed,

This is a war that must be waged.

I search for meaning in existence,

Like looking for hydrogen in water,

Failure is inevitable,

I am no chemist after all.

Oh what impossible odds.


(Twitter: @paetir)


2 thoughts on “Guest Post 1: Brew

  1. I absolutely love this.

    I am infatuated with words, learning a new word is such a thrill but the art of putting them together to form something this wonderful just eludes me. Which is why I would always just be humbled by and in love with things like this.
    I love the poem, I love the blog.
    I love people like Justin and Paetir who make words so elegant and fun at the same time. Good job guys.


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