Guest Post 2: She Lied to Me

by Vunderkind

‘Tis me again. I hope you enjoyed the first Guest Post? Because I have another one. The writer calls it a poem, but I think it reads more like lyrics to a song. I’ll let you be the final judge.

Lest I forget, I opened a new blog today. It’s called: “The BlankCzech” and it’s basically me trying to blog like I originally planned. A.g(r)eek will still be my prose place, but BlankCzech will be me just…talking.

About…well, stuff.

This basically means I’ll be talking in real time, giving a social commentary on life as it affects me and the people I can connect with. I have a post up there already titled “A Case for Humor” where I revisit my obsession with the Singer Brandy (but that’s just the side deal; I had something serious to speak about in the must laid-back way possible.)

I’d really appreciate it if you subscribe to The BlankCzech’s mailing list. I’m working on a cartoon strip section, but that happens when I get my tablet. All in all, I look forward to doing significantly better content-wise, with a lot less smut.

And now, the guest post. Remember, you can always follow the writer on Twitter (his twitter handle is at the bottom of this here post)



You say you still love me
But it’s hatred in disguise
I ask you to come clean
But you tell more fvcking lies

Now you blame it on the devil
But you are gracefully even more evil
You lie like it’s fueled by diesel
Bitch! You ate through me like a weevil

Truth, lies and then more lies
Just tell me what it is you despise
You maneuvered me and thought it wise
This you did for what prize?

You took me for a fool
Your lies was the tool
You took my heart and slowly ripped it in two
You think you got away but you’ll dance to Sir. Karma’s tune

You deceived!
Damn your infamous ‘white lies’
You keep the truth hidden but:

– Timi

Twitter: @Certified_Timi